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“”The gauchos, they don’t like clocks,” said our Argentine friend Diego Boracchia as we waited for our tardy Chilean cowboy and four-legged transportation into the mountains surrounding Villa Castillo, a town just north of Chile’s Baker River.

Our mission was to ski the mountains near Patagonia’s Northern Ice Field, the source of run-off for Chile’s southern rivers. Someday soon these rivers could all be transformed into major hydroelectric projects. Last spring, the multi-national energy company Enel initiated plans to dam the Baker River. Within 10 years, the dams will flood over 11,000 acres of Patagonian land and require 1,500 miles of transmission lines to generate hydroelectric power for Chile’s mining industry.

Zack Giffin and I decided to head into Chile’s Cerro Castillo National Preserve to ski the untouched land while we still had the chance.”

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