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“Helicopter Aerial Platform Firearms Training. We used the POV.HD all day with the Battery Tray plugged in to the external power. We used 32GB Sandisk HD cards and only had to change them out 3 times for the amount of shooters we had. While others were waiting for their turn, they were able to watch the previous flights from the laptop in the TOC. The instant feedback and review capabilities are second to none! The clarity, and ability to interface with the helicopter’s intercom system is the best part. The POV.HD was extremely easy for the instructors to pick up and operate. All they had to do is hit the Stop/Record Tag buttons on the remote to get this baby to function. It worked flawlessly and produced some very nice crystal clear video for all of the shooters. The settings were on 1080p30, auto gain, auto exposure, in clip mode.
Shooting an M4 with a Beta-C Mag from an R-44 Helicopter. The Frankenstein brass catcher was made to catch up to 300 rounds of brass. We spent over 5000 rounds in 3 hours. This is my 17-year old son in the hot seat.” – URBANERTHELOPILOT