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“We have previously written about VIO and their wearable, high-performance video camcorders. You can re-read the article here: VIO High Definition Point of View video technology eyeing success 2011 CES. These exciting little recorders offer superior performance due mostly to the superior components incorporated in their construction. Based out of Marquette, Michigan the folks at VIO continue to please and surprise its followers.”

“VIO surprised us even more when they announced on Sept. 14th that they had built an extreme team of extraordinary athletes and videographers. Some of these luminaries include Philip Bloom, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Xavier De Le Rue. Some of you may be saying “Who?”, but if you are familiar with Powder Magazine and the North Face then you have heard of the latter two. Mr. Bloom and Mr. De Le Rue also appear in the Wikipedia.”

– George Koprowicz, Ann Arbor Gadgets Examiner

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