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At V.I.O. we take pride in the durability and usability of our products, the following email says it all.

Hey there. I own a POV.1 camera and wanted to share a story about my experience with the camera system. I use the camera for helmet mount recording of mountain bike rides and usually keep the remote in my pocket on my mountain bike shorts. The other day I couldn’t find my remote. While folding laundry I noticed something in the pocket of my shorts and sure enough it was the POV.1 remote. It had gone through the washing machine (cold water) and the dryer (with heat). I was bummed but decided to try it anyway. To my total amazement it worked. The remote functions as well as it always has! It’s pretty unbelievable to me. I thought you guys would want to know that if your remote gets dirty you can just put it in the wash!

Thanks for making a durable product!


Eric Haase