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With backgrounds in actions sports and music, the FY Racing team understands how important it is to provide content for fans of the sport. 2011 was an amazing year for the rookies and they did a good job of showcasing their operation via web videos. In 2012, the team plans on releasing several videos per event and this is being made possible by their new partnership with V.I.O.

V.I.O. is an industry-leading point-of-view video camera manufacturer. V.I.O. cameras are commonly used by professional producers from major networks such as MTV, the BBC, and FOX as well as professional action sport athletes. V.I.O.’s POV.HD camera system is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof and allows a professional level of camera control while shooting. Altogether, the POV.HD is the perfect camera system for the rigors and harsh driving conditions often encountered in rally car racing.

“We are so stoked to be headed into next season with V.I.O. as a partner. We used their products before we even began speaking with them because they are so superior to anything else on the market,” says FY Racing owner and driver, Adam Yeoman.

With the support of V.I.O., the team plans to cover several in-car and exterior camera angles as well as increase their frequency. Videos will be edited on-site and dropped during the event so the fans can follow along.

“We’re very proud to be aligned with FY Racing and can’t wait to work on future projects with them. The content the team puts out is awesome and we are happy to be their camera of choice in 2012,” says V.I.O. Marketing Director Clint Slack.

2011 was a year of learning and progression for FY Racing. In 2012, Yeoman is looking to drive faster and focus on the podium while never losing sight of why he does this in the first place: fun.