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New Features:

  • Added 720p50 and 720p25 resolution/frame rates for compatibility with PAL
  • Time and Date can optionally be overlaid on a clip while it is being recorded
  • The interface for Save Tags and Compile Tags was changed to more clearly show the progress of these online editing operations
  • On video output to an external AV device, the standard information overlay can optionally be turned off after a user settable time delay.


  • In Loop Mode and Loop & Forward Mode memory is more completely utilized when the SD card is filled to capacity.
  • The normal button beep tone is no longer altered after a system alert condition occurs
  • The LCD does not show a pink color cast when the microphone is turned off
  • The Battery Level Icon is now displayed at all changes of status on the recorder
  • The LCD brightness setting is left unchanged when the user exits Settings without Saving an altered value.
  • The POV.HD volume label has been changed to POV_HD in order to clearly identify the POV.HD SD card and allow it to be recognized by both PC and Mac operating systems
  • The recorder LED turns red momentarily to show that a still photo has been saved
  • Power Off Timeout and LCD Sleep Timeout are now reset when clip playback ends to prevent the recorder from shutting down or the LCD from going to sleep immediately after a clip ends.
  • If the LCD is sleeping, it wakes if the USB cable is plugged in.

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